We love running, we love competition, and we love abusing our bodies with alcohol or food, and we know all of you fun, fashionable and belligerent goodr fans do too! So, we created the goodr Gluttonous Alcoholic Mile Series (G.A.M.S., pronounced “GAMES,” obviously) to satisfy all of these loves!
goodr G.A.M.S. events consist of mile-long races with each quarter mile punctuated by the ravenous consumption of either an alcoholic beverage or food, in a quantity that is probably going to make you ill. Check ’em out and host your own!
We sprinted a mile in the sand and sucked down 48 oz. of piña colada as fast as we could through a straw, whilst donning flamingo-themed cabana wear. Sound like fun?!  Watch our instructional video below to put together your own Piña Colada Mile!
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