AmeriTrash – run goodr Hat


John Deere made them famous, Ashton Kutcher ruined them for everyone and now goodr is helping to bring trucker hats back to respectability. Working diligently in a bathroom stall at a truck stop in Barstow, California, our apparel scientists crossbred a 1970’s olympic poster with a gas-station-quality net-back hat to bring you the goodr AmeriTrash run goodr hat. (Yes, AmeriTrash. To demonstrate our equal opportunity policy, we have dubbed our running hats “AmeriTrash” to mirror the EuroTrash Headband moniker.) Not only will the AmeriTrash run goodr Hat keep sweat out of your eyes as you dominate some backcountry trails, but this bad boy will also force long-haul truckers across the nation to begrudgingly nod in approval as you co-opt this piece of fashion for yourself. Shine on you crazy diamond. Shine the fuck on.

+ Performance Woven material front
+ Wicking internal sweatband
+ One size fits all, snap-back adjustments
+ Foam front, net back, all party

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