We created our brand for people who think running is fun! We started with the belief that running is fun and your gear should be too.


We are a young, fun and irreverent brand and we love to push the limits. For instance, some of our colorway names are “Whiskey Shots with Satan” and “Flamingos on a Booze Cruise.” When we go to trade shows, we have a kiddie pool full of beer, and may or may not have shotgunned beers in our booth with a Reebok rep at the last one. Highly professional.


We love dogs in the office, but more importantly we like doing cool shit. We believe done is better than perfect, the only way to get better is to fail, and most of all, in having fucking fun!

Current Opening: Customer Experience Intern

About You

A desire to learn about running a brand, entrepreneurship, marketing strategy, and campaigns creation. Your key areas of focus (for now) will be Customer Service and Distribution. Customers can be a pain in the ass but they’re always right. So that’s how we treat them.

Our top candidate above all will enjoy problem-solving and getting shit done. We love people who live and work with passion. Have you ever started a blog, organized a meetup, or created art just for fun? Then, we want you. In a perfect world the person in this role will consider themselves a runner (and don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to run marathons…if you can run a mile, you’re a runner!).

Degree preferences

Don’t care (bonus points for Basset Hound Science)


+ Proficiency on a Mac, Gmail, Facebook and Instagram (and any new-fangled social medias the kids are into these days)
+ Bonus if you’ve ever used StitchLabs, WordPress or Shipstation
+ Know how to google a question to solve a problem.


+ Must have a good attitude
+ Be proactive
+ Not afraid to ask questions
+ Attention to detail is key
+ Owning a unicorn, basset hound or golden retriever is a big plus

What you get

+ The opportunity to show up every day and have fun
+ The ability to learn and grow as a person
+ To be first in line for a full time position down the road
+ College Credit (this is in your hands to get approved through your school)
+ Pay at $15/hour


+ Show up to our Playa Del Rey office ready to kill it
+ Mon/Wed/Fri 4 hours each day (time is flexible between 9-4)

Next Steps

Email the following to keri@playgoodr.com 

+ Cover note (more casual than a “letter”…we just want to get a sense of who you are!)
+ Resume
+ Portfolio (if you have one)
+ Links to projects or groups you’re involved with
+ A drawing of an octopus fighting a pirate

Our Manifesto

Ignite and unite the spirits of your friends.
Be active, be yourself, and live with purpose.
Getting a good story is all the reason you need to try something.
If you show up and run, you are a runner…your time and distance are just numbers.
Judge your success by the friends you meet and the high fives you give.
Own your gear, don’t let your gear own you.
What you talk about on a run stays on the run.
Strive for greatness and fight the urge to settle for ordinary.
When pain shows up, find a place to put it (until you can have a beer).
Always remember the closest bathroom.
Bring a dog with you as often as you can.
Whenever possible, wear a party tank — and remember, you bring the party to the tank top, the tank doesn’t bring the party to you.
Enjoy every step you take, every hill you climb, every view you earn.
Runner Swag is a mindset….when you look good, you play goodr.